our vision

reimagining renting

A new concept based on new values

We design coliving homes to connect and inspire people, through shared spaces and unique experiences. We’re reimagining renting so you can live an amazing life. 
For establishing and facilitating communication between colivers, CoGethers homes offer large common spaces and a wide range of services.
Every home is independently managed.



We believe beauty is key to make us happy. That’s why, we provide beautiful homes with beautiful furniture and works of art. Homes, where you will feel just like home.



We believe services can strongly enhance our life. That’s why, we provide a large range of services in line with the latest expectations.



We believe after all, that we are all pursuing happiness in our own way. We believe that our community driven approach, our aesthetic sensitivity and our full range of services can help you on achieve it.

share and be yourself

joining a community

Join a welcoming community

Join a welcoming community

Who would want to live alone? Join the CoGethers community and enjoy a daily life enriched by moments shared with inspiring people.

Come as you are and stay yourself

Come as you are and stay yourself

We are all different, and that’s wonderful. Why should we change who we are, to live with others? As long as, we are all respectful of everyone, we should live the way we are. This is the CoGethers spirit.

Enjoy your private life

Enjoy your private life

We all have our private life and that’s normal. Enjoy a private room, in the heart of a warm and inspiring home. Feel free to invite whoever you want (family, date, friends...).


Thomas Courtois



I’ve always thought that sharing an apartment was cool when studying or being an expat. I wanted to create beautiful and warm homes where colivers could also enjoy their privacy.

I am currently in charge of the Homes management.



Sharing an apartment is a great opportunity to make lifetime friends. CoGethers community is all about it.

I am currently in charge of the marketing and digital.

Guy Courtois



I believe happiness is one of our ultimate goal, whatever the way we chose to reach it. I wanted to create Homes that would enhance happiness. It’s how we started CoGethers.

I am currently in charge of CoGethers business development.

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