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Coliving is a type of intentional community providing shared housing for people with shared intentions. This may simply be coming together for activities such as meals and discussion in the common living areas, yet may extend to shared workspace and collective endeavors such as living more sustainably.

It has been imagined by a millennial generation that values things like openness and collaboration, social networking, and the sharing economy. CoGethers homes are all composed of private bedrooms and common spaces such as a kitchen, a living room and / or a dining room to facilitate communication between colivers.

CoGethers community is mainly made of students, young workers and expats. They are the heart of our community. CoGethers community is around 300 alumni and we have currently more than 50 residents in our different homes. Our CoGethers Intranet available also on smartphones makes communication between colivers super easy.

Every home organizes different events: from the weekly evening diners, to urban soccer games, tennis games, movie evenings, birthday parties, Christmas… and even common vacations. Some cross-homes events are also organized. All this, is made easy to follow through the CoGethers Intranet.

In general, you will speak the local language, but keep in mind that some colivers will not speak it. This is why, English will be helpful.

This is the key point of our community. You will meet people like or unlike you. You will share with them your daily life, and will have the opportunity to make friends from all around the word. Plus, our Cogethers Intranet makes it easy to organize events and keep contact with every colivers including the alumni.

Colivers in the garden
All in one service


CoGethers offer a wide range of services that makes your life easier and makes your coliving experience amazing. All those services are included in the monthly rent. Some services may not be available in every home.

  • Community services
  • Accommodation services
  • Home services
  • Tech services
  • Assistance services
  • Daily life services

Please, see our page “Services” to have the full presentation of all of them.

No. Even if all the homes offer a common rich basis of services, some services may not be available in some homes. And some homes can offer very specific services that you will not find in any other homes.

Generally, rent prices are all inclusive. On average pricing for a room is around 700€ per month. But prices can vary significantly by location and size of the bedroom.

In addition to the rent, we ask for a two month rental deposit that we pay back once you have officially moved out. When you arrive, you will be asked to set up a monthly bank wire transfer before the 1st of each month.

Yes. For all our homes, prices are all inclusive when the service is available. But some homes can also provide you new extra services on demand, that will be charge on consumption. The list of those services are available on our Intranet.

Yes. All our homes are eligible for it. CoGethers will provide you every document you need to benefit it. Keep in mind that eligibility depends on your specific situation and that we cannot guaranty that you are eligible.
Moreover, you might be eligible for other housing assistance.

We will help you with those. Altogether, and based upon your situation, total of different housing assistances you may be eligible to, can vary from 0€ up to 450€ per month. The average housing assistance is around 150€ per month.



She or He is member of the community and generally shares your passions, spirits and skills.

No. CoGethers community shares fundamental values including “inclusiveness”. The current average age is between 20 and 35 but everyone is welcome.

Yes. CoGethers community shares fundamental values including “respect” and “diversity”. Everyone is welcome.

It depends. Most of the homes do not allow couples, but some do welcome them. If so, it will be specified.

It depends. Most of the homes do not allow pets, but some do welcome them. If so, it will be specified.

Yes. If you don’t have any, don’t worry. We will help you in the process to get one with a private insurance.



The process is very easy. Please ask for availability on line. A home manager will contact you very shortly to review with you homes availabilities. You will be then co-opted by the home manager.

After that, the process will be very easy to follow on our CoGethers Intranet, where you will be able to upload and download every required document.

A home manager is a coliver who has been designated or peer-elected as in charge of the home. He is responsible of the well-being of the colivers and will help you in the process of joining the home. Every CoGethers home has a home manager.

The check in & check out are done either with the home manager, either with a CoGethers member. In case of damages in the room, the amount for the repair will be retained from your two month rental deposit.

In case of damages in the common spaces, and if no one took responsibility for it, the amount for the repair will be split between the people currently living in the home.

We believe that the feeling of community is built with time. This is why, every home asks a minimum length of a stay: in general, it is one year but this can vary according to each home. There is no maximum stay; just to know, one coliver stayed 6 years with CoGethers.

Yes. As soon as a bedroom is made available, it is possible to switch bedroom in the same home, or to switch home. Keep in mind that prices may vary according to each bedroom / home. Moreover, you have priority over people who are not CoGethers colivers yet.

It depends. CoGethers provide two types of contract. According to the first one, you can leave at any moment after your one month notice period. According to the second contract, you are engaged for a one year period, but you will be allowed to sublet your bedroom.

Yes. Please inform us through our CoGethers Intranet and make sure your housemates agree with it and co-opt your subletter. Please note that you won’t be able to sublet it as an AirBnB or for a length bellow one month.


Daily life

Yes. You can invite anyone (family, friend, date, sexfriend…) and share your bedroom for a short stay. If it is for a longer stay, please make sure your housemates agree with it.

No.Homes have no curfew. But always keep in mind to be respectful with all the colivers and the neighborhood.

It depends. CoGethers homes do not provide parking. But for most of them, it is easy to find free parking nearby.

No. For the comfort of everyone, it is forbidden to smoke inside a home, including your own bedroom. You will be asked to smoke outside: in the garden, on the terrace…

It depends. You can do pretty much what you want in your room (move furniture, withdraw things…) as long as you give it back the same way you found it.

Don’t worry, we have an Intranet with a comprehensive range of answers to any type of question. Plus, if you don’t find any answer, please don’t hesitate to ask t he colivers who arrived before you, or to ask your home manager. They might have the answer.

If you still don’t find any answer, do not hesitate to ask help through our CoGethers Intranet. We will do our best to help you.

Don’t worry, you can collectively discuss any issue together during your weekly colivers diners. If it can’t be solved it there, do not hesitate to ask help through our hotline or through our Cogethers Intranet. We will do our best to help you.

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